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Zhangjiagang City Jincheng Scissors Co., Ltd.

Quality is the survival of the company!

  • Zhangjiagang City Jincheng Scissors Co., Ltd.
  • Zhangjiagang City Jincheng Scissors Co., Ltd.
  • Zhangjiagang City Jincheng Scissors Co., Ltd.
  • Zhangjiagang City Jincheng Scissors Co., Ltd.
  • Zhangjiagang City Jincheng Scissors Co., Ltd.
Main Market: North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia
Business Type: Manufacturer
Brands H.S.H No. of Employees 50~80
Annual Sales 1000000-2000000 Year Established 2012
Export p.c 80% - 90%

Zhangjiagang Jincheng Scissors Factory was established in 1993. Zhangjiagang Jincheng Scissors Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. It belongs to the same family business as the factory. The founders have been in the industry for more than 40 years. The company and factory are at the same address. The company was established primarily for factory export. The company has more than 20 years of export experience. Mainly provide professional hairdressing scissors and pet scissors. Products include a variety of high and low grade stainless steel scissors. Imported Japanese materials, cobalt-containing materials, colored titanium scissors, etc. The most commonly used method of cooperation is OEM / ODM. The market is mainly in Europe and America. The customer is a wholesaler of medium and large hair tools.

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The company has been serving brand customers for more than 20 years. The factory's product quality and service attitude enjoy a high reputation in the industry. Sales staff have extensive product experience. All you need is to describe the desired product. We will assist you with everything. Customers can freely choose a variety of imported and domestic accessories, as well as a variety of high and low-grade materials. The factory can provide many types of steel, such as China 9CR, Japan 440-C, Japan VG1, Japan VG10 and so on. Technically, our employees have more than 20 years of experience. Our advantage is that the product quality is very good. Our product expertise and experience can fully meet your various requirements for product quality.

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As an old family business, our main form is a production factory. Always consider product quality as the life of the factory. We take the satisfaction of our customers as the standard. And we comply with our customers' confidentiality agreements. In the process of cooperation, we must proceed from the interests of customers. Provide customers with the fastest and best products. Let customers enjoy our sincere cooperation attitude.

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The company has its own brand "狐HSH". It has a high reputation in China. In addition to focusing on the production part, in order to develop faster and better styles, factories are closely connected to the first-line market. Therefore, product style has been leading the market. And closely connected with the first-tier market. We have more specific requirements for each hairdresser. This is very helpful for the quality of our products. Our new products are closer to current trends.

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Our factory is the first innovative enterprise in China that owns invention patents for scissors manufacturing (3 items) and utility model patents (4 items). It is the first manufacturer in China to use a vertical drill and precision grinder to grind blades. The factory is very strong in mechanized production capacity. Not only is the product more stable compared to other suppliers. And it has more advantages in new product development. Can complete a variety of distinctive products.China Zhangjiagang City Jincheng Scissors Co., Ltd. company profile 4

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In 1993 The JINCHENG SCISSORS factory was founded by Mr. Chen Zhixing. He is also one of the first people in China to establish a private enterprise. He is the director of the original Hongbao scissors technology department. With his dream of scissors, the first batch of workers started their business.


In 2003,JINCHENG SCISSORS cooperated with the KPC factory in Korea. The original technicians at the KPC factory shared their production experience, and the three years of cooperation were technically and qualitatively a flying improvement for the factory. KPC's unreserved sharing allows the factory not only to have imported accessories, accessories, machinery, but also to learn the expertise of their Japanese Rin Grinding System and Scissors for precise shear flow calibration.


In 2008, JINCHENG SCISSORS’ moved into the new factory. Its area reaches 3000 square meters which lays the foundation for the expansion of the production scale.


From 2008 to 2012, we invested a lot of funds and independently developed the grinding machine to concave the scissors’ inside edges. Due to this, we obtained four patents of invention and three utility model patents in China. This has caused a stir in China's scissors industry.
Meanwhile this development enables us to meet the standards of scissors in Taiwan, Korea and the high-end scissors in Japan.


In 2013, we introduced CNC drilling center and precision surface grinding machine. We find the datum plane through the plane grinding and drill the hole in the scissors through drilling center. As the only joint point of the two blades and the axis of the scissors, its importance is obvious. We ensure that the holes in the two blades are absolutely concentric which makes the hand feeling more smooth while cutting and makes it better to adjust the screws and more sensitive to the adjustment. Especially for the American market in which bearing screws are popular, the bearing can be fully utilized through this technique. And our scissors have had a qualitative leap because of this.


From 2015 to 2017, our factory independently researched and developed seamless high&low teeth thinning scissors with fine edges on both sides. This increased the sharpness of the teeth, making its cutting feel as soft as the hairdressing scissors. We now have obtained the utility model patent in China, and have already applied for the invention patents in China and America.


From 2017 to 2018,Expansion of the factory building. Introducing a large number of advanced machines。including a 1,500-watt large laser cutting machine, a large processing center, a customized four-axis CNC grinding machine with double grinding head, a CNC external edge grinding machine, four automatic polishing machines and several environmental protection facilities. When these high-tech equipments are put into production, production reaction speed, quality control, and new product development will all be enhanced.




You can use our brand and style, we regard our brand as the second face of the factory, all products are carefully crafted and the supply is stable. You can test the stock of the warehouse. Satisfied with the quality of the product and then place an order. And we support regional brand protection, we welcome sellers to negotiate with us.
We accept brand customization, you can choose our existing styles, or propose to make changes on existing products, and accept customers samples, orders will be followed by experienced professionals, will discuss with you all about your products in detail The information, from the sample to the large cargo, has the same person to follow up, can provide small batches of semi-finished samples, the factory guarantees that the product is fully qualified. The factory has long provided OEM services to well-known European and American brands, and some old customers have been serving for more than 16 years. You can rest assured that we are professional and honest in cooperation.

Our service is not limited to shipping, we are responsible for the products we sell. Make sure the quality of the product is very good.

Our Team

There are only two people in our company's main sales contacts, who are responsible for everything from the customer's order to the delivery, and the service of the sales staff includes all contact after delivery. The sales staff has more than 15 years of experience, is very familiar with our products and factory production, and can respond to your needs very quickly and correctly. But we are a team, there is a lot of staff behind the sales, so you can rest assured that sales will help me communicate everything.


In addition to sales, we have our own designers. 3D scanning drawing and tool head mapping, the development of new products is fast, and you can directly correct the drawings. A clearer goal is more effective. The design of each product is not only a design in appearance and comfort, but also a fusion of market terminal sales opinions. We have close ties with the first-tier market and better adapt our design to the market trend.

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In addition to sales and design staff, the company also has special quality inspection staff. Inspection of quality is not limited to the surface of scissors. Each subsequent cut of the scissors undergoes a second inspection. Other quality inspections are performed by relevant personnel and technicians. In addition to maintaining high-end precision machine tools. More strictly according to our inspection standards to complete the hole position, groove and other issues. On the hardness. We have more specialized machines for inspection. Each batch of product will be tested and recorded by a person. Quality is the comprehensive manifestation of the control of each link. We use a one-to-one correspondence method, so that each step has a relevant inspection staff.

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And we have our own market developers. The factory has its own famous brand. There are more than 50 dealers offline, and we will respond very quickly to offline sales. Combine with market trends to launch products in the hot market. The sensitive quality response of the end market is a strong oversight of the quality of the factory. The market developer is also a supervisory department. Every aspect of the team is very important. A long-lasting good product is behind every detail of the teamwork.The long history of the factory has made every department perfect, and everything we do is just to provide you with high quality for every scissors.

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